Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it work?
A. ENDURE is a performance in motion. The audience is issued an iPod prior to the start of the show. While listening to spoken narrative and original music in their headphones, both audience and performer move through multiple terrains -- city streets, public park space and trails. The performance is a mix of physical theatre, contemporary dance and pure running. The audience travels along with the performance and can experience it from any perspective they choose. 

Q. Do I have to run?
A. No. The performance unfolds at a variety of speeds from stillness to "race pace" running, but it is each audience member's choice as to how they respond and interact with the show. Most audiences tend to move at a walking pace with some bursts of running and some periods of stillness. Be prepared to be on your feet and walking for about 75 minutes. Our ENDURE crew ensures that no one gets left behind.

Q. How far do I have to go?
A. The shows are about 5km or 3 miles, which is about an hour of walking. 

Q. When do I get the audio?
A.  You will be issued a pre-loaded audio player when you check in at the start line of the performance.  

Q. What should I bring?
A. Dress for the weather. We recommend that you wear comfortable shoes. We will have umbrellas available for you to borrow should it rain.

Q. Can I bring a bag?
A. Some audience members bring small purses or satchels and take them along to the show.  Bag check is available at the start line of the performance.  

Q. How long does the show last?
A. ENDURE lasts approximately 75 minutes with no intermission.

Q. Is it ok for children?
A. ENDURE deals with adult themes, language and contains some sexual content. It is appropriate for people age 15 and up.

Q. Is there an intermission?
A. There is no intermission once we leave the audience check in area.

Q. Can I bring my dog? Can I bring my infant?  
A. The performance involves a large group of people traveling over varied terrain, including wooded areas. For safety, please leave dogs, small children and strollers at home.

Q. Where are the restrooms?
A. ENDURE crew will advise you about the closest restrooms once you register. It is advised you visit the restroom before we leave as there is no break in the performance.

Q. Can I get tickets at the door?
A. Usually you can, unless the show is sold out and everyone with a ticket attends. We encourage you to buy a ticket online beforehand since space is limited and ticket holders will take priority over last minute walk-ups.

Q. What happens if I am late?
A.  Since the performance moves, we can not accommodate latecomers to the performance. Please plan to arrive at least 15 minutes prior to showtime so you won't miss the performance.

Q. How do I sign up?
A. You can now buy tickets online for our upcoming Calgary shows.

Q. What if a show gets canceled due to weather?
A. Our policy is to do everything possible to reschedule audience members into other showtimes in the event their original show is canceled due to weather. We make the determination to cancel a show ONE HOUR before the published showtime. Ticket holders will be contacted via email regarding cancelations.

Have further questions? Feel free to contact us using the contact form on this site or by emailing us