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This is the FINAL WEEKEND OF ENDURE. I am not kidding.

Dudes. It freaking SNOWED last weekend. A blizzard of epic, biblical proportions. Not that blizzards featured prominently in the Bible, but you get my drift. (Drift. Ha.)

And this? This weekend right here? IS OUR LAST WEEKEND. For real. ENDURE is going into hibernation as of about 5:20pm on Sunday evening. And me? I am going into a nice, warm glass of whiskey.

I know, I know, this eight-week run of shows has been one of those things where you think you have all the time in the world and you forget to get tickets and then there's a rainy-ish day and maybe it's your cousin's birthday and then POOF you missed the whole damn thing.

You don't want to miss this.

There is a long, cold winter of dark, lonely mornings where it will be just you, your excuses and that way your running shoes look at you, all forlorn-like, when you talk yourself out of another workout. This show is a weapon. This show is a teeny, tiny pearl of inspiration that you get to keep in your heart through the darkest, coldest, most I-don't-wanna days of winter training. This show will keep you warm.

I'm not joking here. 

This is fuel. And you will never see this show, this particular version of this show, again. We are going into a major re-development phase as soon as we close on Sunday.

This is your last chance to see the original production of ENDURE: A Run Woman Show

AAA! I'm going to lose my mind if you don't come. Read the latest reviews. One is from the NY Daily News. One is from the Huffington Post. One is from a woman who wants you to buy your tickets before you even read her review

Trust these people. I did not pay them to say any of this. ENDURE is bona fide badass. Giddyup. There are, like, a handful and a half left.

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